Spring Retainers

District Orthodontics in South Jordan, Utah. District Orthodontics offers Spring Retainer appliances as part of their orthodontic treatments. These spring retainers easily straighten anterior teeth that may be crooked. Retainers are mainly used after straightening teeth with #braces, but they

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TAD removal is easy and painless!

Orthodontic treatment is greatly enhanced with Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs. When used with braces, TADs to give extra support for difficult situations. The TAD is the small silver screw that is placed in the gum. In case you are

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TAD enhance braces with impacted teeth.

Orthodontic treatment can be enhanced with Temporary Anchorage Devices. (TADs) I use TADs to support the arch while extruding difficult teeth with braces. This canine was below the gums. We exposed the canine and placed a bracket on it, and

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TADs can help to bring impacted teeth into your smile.

TADs can be use as a healthy way to bring an impacted tooth like this left canine into your smile. It is used to hold the left premolar next to the impacted canine tooth in place. A wire is placed

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Chipped Teeth? Maybe you are just grinding your teeth. Braces can help.

Recently in my District office in South Jordan, UT., a patient came with uneven, rough, and jagged 4 front teeth. The edges of the front 4 teeth definitely appeared chipped and damaged with sharp angles. The central on the patients

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Temporary Anchorage Devices or TAD’s

Temporary Anchorage Devices or TAD’s TAD’s are a very useful tool in helping to get a perfect bite. I have used TAD’s to help close spaces in both the Maxilla (upper jaw) and Mandible (lower jaw) In the picture below

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TAD’s are excellent at closing spaces.

When there is a space from a missing tooth that needs to be closed, there are new innovations that can be used. A TAD is a great treatment that does the job efficiently. TAD’s are quick, and easy to place.

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Sony’s new smile

Sony, Your smile is awesome. Congratulations on getting your braces off.

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The sign looks great in the sun.

I received this picture of our office with new sign in an email. I think that it looks great!

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District Orthodontics sign.

We have been working for a while to get our sign on the building. We wanted a sign that was easy to read and recognize. There is one on the East side and one on the west side. We are

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